Our Aim

Our aim is to make you 100% satisfied with our painting service so you, your family, and friends painting needs will be looked after.

We are not interested in making a fast buck and running. This in the industry is known as ‘slap and dash’. We will always take pride in our work and focus on building strong business relationships.

After all, word of mouth is the best form of advertising.

“We have employed Amos on a number of occasions to repaint, repair and renew a number of our large apartments, foyers and lobbies. Amos has a very high standard of work and a work ethic that is second to none! We would not hesitate to recommend Amos and his team of professionals”– Jackie Collingwood - Kirra Surf Apartments


Colour is one of the most important factors when doing a painting job. Colour is used to create a certain style, or convey a certain mood. Colour is a personal choice of how it is seen and portrayed by an individual. Not all people see colour the same. And there is no perfect colour.

A colour scheme is composed of 2 or more colours that look appealing together. Colour schemes are based on peoples personal tastes. Light has a major impact on colour. For example, a small room with small windows can maké a dark colour seem cramped and moody. However big windows with a lot of light, can make colours look a bit sterile or anaemic. Using the same tone but by changing the shade, can give the space the homely warmth you’re looking for. The other colours in the room, curtains, carpets and art will either tie your room together or make it look disjointed.

Looking at pictures in home magazines can really help you decide what you do and don’t like. Cut the pictures out and make yourself a scrap book of rooms and the look you’re after. Then we can help you finialise the colour by painting samples of that colour on the walls.

Most people today choose a monochromatic colour scheme for the look they’re after. This scheme is composed of using different shades and tones of the same colour. This colour scheme is considered to be a safe option and rarely looks wrong. An analogous colour scheme is a slight variation of the monochromatic colour scheme by using colours next to each other on the colour wheel. Giving the colour scheme soft variations of the colour. These are only 2 examples of colour schemes.

Our History

Back in the cave, the caveman would decorate the cave walls with oxide pigments to brighten up the place… our history doesn’t go back quite that far.

Amos’s history starts after finishing school: “My grandfather offered me some work experience in his painting and decorating business. After a 6 week trial he offered me a painting apprenticeship which I gladly took up. He was a tough boss who believed in a strong work ethic, building customer relationships and doing things the right way, not the easy way. Tough but fair. There could have been no other person more knowledgeable than him after spending his whole life in the painting trade. I am very lucky and grateful for him to pass all his experience and knowledge onto me. Thanks Pop.”

After finishing my apprenticeship and receiving the top honours awarded by the Master Painters and Decorators Association and ‘Apprentice of the State’ (Adelaide 1993), I decided to travel and work around Australia, broadening my painting experience. After settling in Brisbane and meeting my beautiful wife, We decided Currumbin on the gold coast was where we wanted to live and start a family to the present day.

We all at some time or another have tried painting a room or a wall. It can usually start ok with choosing a colour and rolling on some paint. Only to realise, you wish you had washed the walls with sugar soap so the paint would stick properly, you forgot to sand the surface and the filling and repairing of any gaps and cracks hasn’t been done. And then paint from the roller tray, you’re standing in has now been transferred to the carpet.

Most people can slap on a coat of paint but leaving it to the experts can end up saving you time and money and give you the professional finish you want.

Products We Use

Many Australians want paint products that are long lasting, durable, economical but not too harsh on the environment. Now more than ever, people’s awareness of the toxins in paint(VOC – Volatile Organic Compounds) are determining the brands they choose.

Paints and coatings, in general, have come a long way since my grandfathers days of painting. The top brands in paint manufacturing are all continually perfecting their coatings and making an eco-friendly product has never been in more demand than today.

Painting Trends is mindful to the considerations of the environment and your family in choosing a paint brand. Using lead in house paint is a thing of the past. And even low or no VOC paint coatings has to be a healthier option for both you and me.

Painting Trends Gold Coast